Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day Muoi

So today is day ten already!  You can guess how it started so I'll spare you the details of my morning.  No UEF today because we had two company visits (the last two of the entire trip).  

Our first visit was to Saigon Newport Corporation.  Our presenter was a Naval officer as the company is government owned and run by the Vietnam navy.  I was worried that he may be boring and stiff, but he was actually really funny and spoke great English.  The company itself seems to control most of the importing and exporting of Vietnam more specifically the importing and exporting of goods by ship and truck.  The final part of the visit was a tour of the facilities that ended at the top of the control tower.  Here you could see everything from the ships coming in, the goods stacked up, and the Ho Chi Minh City skyline. 

New place for lunch today!  It was a beautiful outdoor restaurant with ponds and walkways to separate eating areas.  The food was pretty good too!!

This afternoon we went to another real estate company, but it was nothing like Phu My Hung. Instead it was basically your classic apartment complex with the basics and a nice pool.  They showed us around the grounds and then inside one of the traditional smaller three bedroom apartments followed by a journey 26 floors up to the penthouse suite which was unfinished but still AMAZING with incredible views.

Tonight for dinner we wanted some more western food so we did some research and found a restaurant called Zest with hundreds of great reviews and a five star rating so we were pumped to eat there.  Upon our arrival at peak dinner time we couldn't help but notice that we were the only people in the restaurant...two floors of tables and we were literally the only ones.  We ignored that fact and continued with night at Zest.  After we ordered our food a man who seemed to be the manager asked if they could take pictures of us with our meals for their Facebook page.  How could we say no to that?  We ate, gave them our contact information, and entitled our evening "The Gang goes to Zest.". The food wasn't incredible, the atmosphere wasn't great per say, but this dinner was too fun.  We were laughing the entire time :)!

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