Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day Bonn

I'm sure you can guess how this blog is going to begin...two cups cafe sua da with our girl followed by a quest to UEF.  This morning at the university we endured a two hour lecture about the Mekong River Delta.  Some of the information was actually pretty interesting though-especially the stuff about how the current deforestation in Cambodia is affecting the farmers in Vietnam.  The lecture was followed by a language class in which we learned how to count.  Language class is getting easier to follow, but actually saying words in Vietnamese is still so difficult.

After saying good bye to the Vietnamese students for the day, we went to lunch at the outdoor shack restaurant we go to everyday.  Sometimes the food here is a little questionable to me, but today it was really good!  It seems like all we've eaten here are variations of beef, shrimp, and other sea food (of course accompanied by a side of rice).  Anyway...this restaurant has a small pond-like feature in the center of the tables stocked with shrimp that you can fish for!  We don't ever have time to do this, but for some reason our guide (kind of guide who is an adorable little 5 foot Vietnamese guy) got the idea in his head that I was dying to fish for some shrimp so he went up to a stranger and asked him if I could borrow his fishing pole.  I felt super uncomfortable because it was a stranger who paid to fish for an hour, but the restaurant was pretty amused by the white girl in business casual shrimp fishing.  I got a bite!!!!!!  But I lost the shrimp because I pulled the rod up too quickly.  :(

After lunch we rode over to Glass Egg Digital Media (the company I researched).  The ride over was a long one and the air conditioning in the bus basically wasn't working so it was ridiculously hot.  This company is a video game outsourcing company that mainly does incredible car graphics.  We met with the CEO, the CFO, and the COO of Glass Egg who gave us a briefing regarding ins and outs of the company and a tour of their workspace.  

Tonight, the students picked us up to go to dinner and karaoke.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but here you actually reserve a private room and sing and eat and whatever in your room with just your friends.  I also didn't know how much I was going to sing, but I think Brooke and I had a microphone at least 90% of the evening.  It was hilarious and so much fun!

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