Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day Muoi Mot

It's the second to last day and I absolutely cannot believe it...I'm pretty upset about it actually. Anywayyyyyy today was great as all my days have been here in Vietnam.

My day started the regular way and we headed to UEF for our regular culture and language classes.  Today in language class we had a test which was really an opportunity for us to see how much Vietnamese we have picked up in the past two weeks.  My test went kinda hilariously as I forgot numbers and peoples' titles (man, woman, teacher woman, teacher man, etc.) which I totally know!!!  But whatever, it was more fun that way.  

No lunch at the fly spot today!!! We went back to the hotel instead :)!  Best idea ever.  Thank you Dr. Berman!

After lunch we finally got to see the War Remnants Museum.  This was an incredible experience but we had been warned about it since like the second pre-departure meeting because of its anti-American viewpoints.  Upon our arrival Dr. Berman told us that it was once called the American Crimes Museum which definitely explains the propaganda inside.  The images inside we're definitely off-putting and even slightly disturbing at times but the hardest thing for me to take in was outside the museum.  Right out front there is a "collection" of captured American artillery vehicles on which people were climbing and laughing and smiling and posing...kind of treating them like a jungle gym.  For some reason this struck a nerve in me.  Overall the museum experience was one that made the Vietnam trip what it was for me.

Tonight was our last night to pick a restaurant for dinner on our own and we've had this one planned the entire trip.  Tonight we went to the Rex Hotel for dinner.  We dined on the rooftop deck with live music and great food.  'Twas a good time.

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